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Preparing to winter

Winter is one of the most favorite time of a year, full of frosty sunny days and mirth. Where to go, how to spend winter vacation, »»

Spring vacation

It is spring again. The time of wonderful plans and great projects. The time when you should to thing about where to go to be happiest. »»

Where to go in February?

Winter is wonderful time of the year. It’s time of nailing holidays and vacations, the time of good food, warmth and talks beside the fire. It’s »»

Galapagos Islands in January

If you plan to travel to Galapagos Islands during the closest month it’s truly great idea because a winter is the most splendid season to spend there »»

Toronto Entertainment

No wonder that planning the next journey you probably looking for something new, something exotic, something special or traditional depending on your preferences and taste. No »»

Winter holiday’s activity that will truly have you mesmerized

Winters are synonymous with holiday frolic and warmth. No one can experience winter in any country without the complete experience of all its activities. Holiday fun and »»

Winter Holidays

The snow has finally started falling this week. Get your winter holidays in a place you’ve dreamt. Have you ever thought about the way to become a »»

Christmas in America

I’m sure you’ve planned Christmas vacation already. Spending Christmas holiday with your family or friends in US is not bad idea at all! American’s festive season traditionally »»

Rome in December

I’m looking for hotels in Rome in December and just found a good one I guess.
Hotel Arcadia
Via Campo Romano 75, Tuscolana, 00173 Rome
Price for 2 people for »»