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Travel Guide to Dublin

Additionally to the previous post I’d like to add the video Travel Guide to Dublin, Ireland. Probably it can help to travelers who are going to visit »»

Christmas fairs in Europe

Americans prepare for the lush turkey feast of Thanksgiving, but Europeans don’t celebrate this day – they have already started preparing for Christmas. In several countries of »»

Barcelona, one of the places most visited this summer

According to the European Agency of Tourism, Barcelona is going to be one of the European capitals most visited this summer 2013. It’s a perfect city where »»

Lets go to Amsterdam!

What to do in Amsterdam in August? Sure, it’s an opportune time for days on the beach or on sun-kissed cafe and restaurant. But what »»

Nightlife In London

Sure, as far London is the capital of the country of England so it must be one of the most well known tourist locations and that’s it. »»

August travel

There are many resons to travel in August and one of them is great number of different kind of festivals, carnivals and other events around the world. »»

Top 10 Sporting Stadiums in Australia

Melbourne Cricket Ground

is Australia’s largest non-racecourse sports stadium home to the Melbourne Cricket Club. It seats 100,000 and has been home to many famous games, including »»

Winter Holidays

The snow has finally started falling this week. Get your winter holidays in a place you’ve dreamt. Have you ever thought about the way to become a »»

Christmas in America

I’m sure you’ve planned Christmas vacation already. Spending Christmas holiday with your family or friends in US is not bad idea at all! American’s festive season traditionally »»

Barcelona Gaudi

The works of Antoni Gaudi are one of the most interested things to see in Barcelona.
Every one is original, unrepeatable but you can recognize his style immediately.
If »»