Galapagos Islands in January

If you plan to travel to Galapagos Islands during the closest month it’s truly great idea because a winter is the most splendid season to spend there a wonderful vacation. The weather is so warm and fine. The air temperature is 30/22C, 86/72F.
Hours of clear skies: 5.3
Average Rainfall: 2.5cm, 1.0in (in the highlands)
Average Water Temperature: 24.5C / 76F

Wildlife Activity
Red-footed boobies and masked boobies breeding and nesting (year-round)
Sea turtles nesting
Marine Iguanas and Land Iguanas mating
Magnificent and Great Frigate birds nesting (year-round on North Seymour Only)
Tortoises laying eggs (in the wild)
Flightless Cormorants, Penguins and Greater Flamingoes breeding and nesting (year-round, depending on food supply)

Did you know that observing of The Galapagos had impacted on the formations of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection and the theory of evolution by natural selection because these islands beeing borne from volcanoes among the sea their plant and animal species had been isolated and evolve independently on different islands.

Winter holidays in New Zealand

Planning winter holiday to New Zealand? No doubt it’s great idea especially if you prefer a ‘hot Christmas’. December, January and February are summer’s months in New Zealand indeed bringing typically high temperatures and sunshine. So the weather is perfect at this time of year, days are sunny and long, nights are mild. And this is the main reason why New Zealand is such attractive for all those who plan travelling during winter.

Sure there are some warm places in Europe which could be very beguiling to heat-loving people. I mean such popular ones as Canary Islands, Madeira, Crete Cyprus or Malta. But what might be better to spend winter holiday among real summer’s scorching glow in such beautiful and wild country as New Zealand exploring beautiful islands on a self-drive holiday package, discovering scenic wonders and spectacular regions and visiting Zealand’s iconic cities. New Zealand’s 29 regions stretch more than 1,600 kilometers across two main islands.

Well, as usually we’re interested in where to go and what to do. There are number of ‘must be visited’ places in NZ but your travel’s destination depends on your preferences of course. For instance the Bay of Islands is one of the best places for all those who love fishing, sailing, or any other watersports. It’s placed about three hours by car from Auckland.

If you want to see the destination called by Rudyard Kipling as the “eighth wonder of the world,” you have to visit Milford Sound just to make sure that’s right and understand why it is worth to be flying 25 hours for.

If you’re a big fan of The Lord of the Rings films you can place yourself in some well known scenes of the film because over 150 spectacular locations of NZ were used in producing this famous Oscar winning movie. So you can take The Lord of the Rings location tours to enjoy with your favorites.

If you love horsing it’s worth to visit Kaitaia (North Island) to enjoy with horse trekking as well as golfing, hiking and quad biking there.

Auckland is the largest New Zealand’s city and main transport hub. This modern vibrant city offers a lot of things and attraction you can enjoy with. Indeed there’s something for every taste, from different kind of cultural events to shopping, dining, clubbing. Besides if you love the thrill of taking a gamble you can choose Auckland’s SkyCity, Casino in Hamilton and Queenstown, or to try your luck with the dice or test your skill at cards.

So, certainly you can be very enjoyed with your holiday’s trip to NZ immensely.

Warm Christmas Holidays

Looking to book a trip somewhere you check how the weather will be there of course. But not only. Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, now is the period accompanied by many other danger things. However I don’t want to talk about about political and military turbulences aroubd the world.

Well, Christmas is very close to us and some of us probably think how to spend truly fantastic Holidays with a good company of friends nearby warm sea. So, where is the weather is warm enough now to spend beach holidays in November or December?

So, if you’re keen to escape you can choose the Canary Islands may to get just a great holiday choice for winter sun. The weather is expected fine and the temperatures during this month are still warm enough for all outdoor activities and it is not uncommon to see sunbathers at this time. Besides a various of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs do not shut down during the winter because there is still an influx of tourists who want to experience the eternal sunshine that the island provides.

Also Madeira Islands, Portugal is perfect destination you can visit to enjoy with comfortable weather where high temperatures can reach 21°C and above during the hottest parts of the day in November, and even the nights are still warm with temperatures hardly ever dipping below 17°C.

Cape Verde Islands is good idea as well. November is a quiet and romantic month in Cape Verde. Average daytime temperature can rise up to 27 degrees and during night, it can drop down to 22 degrees Celsius. This minimal fluctuation means that there are no climatic surprises during November.

If you prefer hot weather but not tropically one South Africa is for you. Cape Town is warm and dry during months from November to March.

September Travel

Which season of the year do you love the most? As to me I Love all seasons because each one has its own features and specialty advantage a nice time and so beautiful landscapes. Someone loves Winter, time of happy holidays and winter’s outdoor activities; someone prefers Springtime, it arrives with blossom and fresh wind; someone adores Summer for its sunny warm days making this time of the year very comfortable; someone worships Autumn for its melancholic beauty of falling of colored leaves, low clouds and music of rain. Perhaps autumn makes life and nature more harmonious.

Also autumn is the best time of travel. The time to stop dreaming and to start packing. And indeed that’s what we have to do. Because right now the weather is absolutely wonderful in many places in the world. It’s perfect for any kind of travel as well whether you choose sunny beach and swimming, hiking adventures and walking holidays you get a nice destination suited to. By the way, Canada has some of the best walking experiences in the world.

You can choose train travel to discover Canada from Vancouver to Halifax travelling on iconic trains across the North America viewing outside your window how the towering Rockies are changing for the great lakes and finally the rugged coastline of Nova Scotia. You may explore and enjoy with Canadian autumn beauty and what the best the season reveals you.

Sure, thanks to awesome scenery and so many other things you see from the window, thanks to new friends you meet, picnics, family-friendly seating, new books you read, music you listen, your favorite games you can play all of these things make you your travel unforhrtable and happy.

Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every relationship, home, travel, job and love it, or change it. That’s it.

Travel Guide to Dublin

Additionally to the previous post I’d like to add the video Travel Guide to Dublin, Ireland. Probably it can help to travelers who are going to visit this wonderful city as well.

Dublin in August

My friend is going to be in Dublin with a small company for a short time (several days) in August. She asks me what to do and where they may go in Dublin. Definitely visiting Dublin in summer is great idea for many reasons. Sure if you are tired of everyday fuss and routine you should get a breaking away from this state for a while though. Second, Ireland is one of the best idea to change the summer’s heat for more delicate whether. +15 degres (59F) and 23 rainfall days in august in Dublin what might be better to get some cool and pleasure with. For me that’s wonderful! And finally, Dublin is James Joyce’s city! Once the famous writer declared that if Dublin “one day suddenly disappeared from the Earth it could be reconstructed out of my book Ulysses”.

What to do and where to go.
National Museum of Ireland. The Museum is located on Kildare Street in Dublin, first opened its doors in 1890 since offered to see prehistoric Ireland and experience life as well as the Vikings in Viking Age Ireland and different medieval Ireland 1150-1550, documents life in Ireland in the age of cathedrals, monasteries and castles.

Farmleigh House is situated in the north-west corner of the Phoenix Park and is adjacent to the Chapelizod and Castleknock areas of Dublin and has an area of 79 acres and contains many beautiful features, including the main house, which is a fine example of Georgian – Victorian architecture, the sunken garden, the walled garden, the famous clock tower and the lake.

Also it’s worth to visit in Dublin Number Twenty-Nine – Georgian House Museum, Kilmainham Gaol, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Chester Beatty Library, National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, The National Library of Ireland, Old Jameson Distillery, National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History, Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral and many other famous places you would love.

The years have made me bitter, the gargle dims me brain
‘Cause Dublin keeps on changing & nothing seems the same
The Pillar & the Met have gone, the Royal long since pulled down
As the great unyielding concrete makes a city of my town

Travel Games

Are you preparing for a trip? That’s great. We do live in a wonderful world which is full of beauty, charm and adventure and we like to know things. To my mind, the greatest reward of any travel is to be able to get any travel experience as a chance to learn this beautiful world better.

Well, travelling abroad is very exciting idea, but there are so many things you have to do before you go. You know, you should care about flight tickets, hotel accommodations, rental cars, order other regularly occurring deliveries and services.

Besides that there are another important thing you have to arrange to make your trip truly successful. Your pre-travel checklist wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t consider what you will do while you are travelling for long ours. I mean having fun on the trip is very important part of your travel.

Now you have to be about travel apps, games and podcasts for your smartphone, iPhone and iPad, to check out the latest gaming news and developments to pick up the ones you love and you need the most then download them to your device.

No doubt mobile games will keep you occupied while you are travelling for long ours. Games don’t let you to be bored to death as a passenger bringing an entertainment in situation when you are waiting for dallied flight in airport, during a long time plane, train or car ride, or in time when you want just to relax in your hotel bed.

Actually there are many games to play which can help you to pass the time while you are traveling. You can taste Cut The Rope Check or Zen Bound 2 to solve a succession of one-screen puzzles and feel clever; match the colored gems with Greedy Bankers watch them grow, then cash them in; Super Stickman Golf is amazingly and be sure you’ll be at it for ages; Alto’s Adventure (iOS), strategic FTL or 80 Days are also good choice.

Move, catch the winds in your sails, explore, dream, discover and have a fun!

Best time Peru travel

The best time to visit Peru is the Peruvian winter that lasts from May to September. This is perfect season for travel to this travel to Peru to see Cusco area and trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu which is also known as Camino Inca or Camino Inka, Puno and Titicaca, the White city Arequipa, Nazca desert, Iquitos, Amazonia and other unforgettable places. Sure you don’t miss the capital of Peru Lima to visit Sacsayhuaman, Catedral del Cuzco o Catedral Basilica de la Virgen de la Asuncion – the beautiful church. If you like the architecture and history of churches then it’s a must see.

Peru is one of the most miraculous places in the world which has a deep history and rich cultural traditions. Peru is best known as the heart of the Inca empire, also it was a home to many others indigenous cultures which were long before the Incas arrived. Although there is evidence of human habitation in Peru as long ago as the eighth millennium BC , there is little evidence of organized village life until about 2500 BC. It was at about this time that climatic changes in the coastal regions prompted Peru’s early inhabitants to move toward the more fertile interior river valleys.

For the next 1500 years, Peruvian civilization developed into a number of organized cultures, including the Chavìn and the Sechìn. The Chavìn are best known for their stylized religious iconography, which included striking figurative depictions of various animals (the jaguar in particular) and which exercised considerable influence over the entire coastal region.

Peru’s population is about 30.4 million, is multiethnic, including Amerindians, Europeans, Africans and Asians. The main spoken language is Spanish, although a significant number of Peruvians speak Quechua or other native languages. This mixture of cultural traditions has resulted in a wide diversity of expressions in fields such as art, cuisine, literature, and music.

Canada thrilling entertainment

If you’re looking for the ideal destination for your next vacation, you may consider Canada for its incredible nature, thrilling sights and wide range of entertainment of course.

You might still think that Canada is the white, snowy and cold land which is absolute perfect for winter sport activity such as skiing or snowboarding. Indeed this is all true. But summer travel ideas for Canada are wide ranging as well.

This country will catch you with its unique natural wonders, wide range of stunning lands and waterscapes, the world’s most eco-friendly cosmopolitan’s cities and amazing hotels and resorts from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the Halifax and the Atlantic, from Niagara Falls to the Banff National Park and peaks of Canadian Rockies. Canada have a large and highly rated domestic and foreign tourism industry as well.

There are many ways. You can drive into Canada by your own car getting your own adventure. You can leave your car at a station and continue your further travel on a train without any worries about traffic, weather conditions or something like this.

You can stay in one of the major cities such as Vancouver to enjoy with cultural attractions, museums and nice outdoor walking; Toronto – for shops and a thriving nightlife, Banff – for famous Canadian Rockies and hearty bison steak.

Being in Windsor you can take a circle tour of Essex County, visit National Park, Historic Fort Malden, Leamington (Canada’s tomato capital), to get Lighthouse Cove on Lake St. Clair at the Thames River.

Just imagine, Canada is stretched nearly 8000km from one coast to the other, and covers nearly 10 million square kilometers. It’s truly great idea to visit Canada this summer, to discover for yourself this land of beauty, adventure, and excitement.

Compare flights

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