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Galapagos Islands in January

If you plan to travel to Galapagos Islands during the closest month it’s truly great idea because a winter is the most splendid season to spend there a wonderful vacation. The weather is so warm and fine. The air temperature is 30/22C, 86/72F.
Hours of clear skies: 5.3
Average Rainfall: 2.5cm, 1.0in (in the highlands)
Average Water Temperature: 24.5C / 76F

Wildlife Activity
Red-footed boobies and masked boobies breeding and nesting (year-round)
Sea turtles nesting
Marine Iguanas and Land Iguanas mating
Magnificent and Great Frigate birds nesting (year-round on North Seymour Only)
Tortoises laying eggs (in the wild)
Flightless Cormorants, Penguins and Greater Flamingoes breeding and nesting (year-round, depending on food supply)

Did you know that observing of The Galapagos had impacted on the formations of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection and the theory of evolution by natural selection because these islands beeing borne from volcanoes among the sea their plant and animal species had been isolated and evolve independently on different islands.

Where to go January-Ferbruary

I love summer, I love hot! How to outlive this endless winter? There are many ways, you’re right. And a splendid trip to ome of sunny beaches is the best solution now. Happy vacation depends on weather very much. Weather can turn your travel into the paradise or ruin it to the hopeless situation. The weather is an important factor everyone should take it into account, that’s it.

So, where to go during January-Ferbruary to get basking in the sun, but not being out in the rain? Of course, there are many destinations you can choose to get sunny days, warm breezes and sweet sea there. For instance you can take the Canaries, where is lovely weather right now, it’s quite nice for walking around in t-shirts, but not too hot as in summer.

You can choose any Caribbean or South America place which are the most suted for visiting during from the end of January, through February and April, the weather and water are warm there, and seas calm.

However if you bother having this endless winter you have do break out of it, to get warm days even if through three-day weekend spending them in more favourable area.

Winter holiday’s activity that will truly have you mesmerized

Winters are synonymous with holiday frolic and warmth. No one can experience winter in any country without the complete experience of all its activities. Holiday fun and personal enjoyment are virtually incomplete without the several activities and sporting events to enjoyed during winter. Winter holidays are the ideal time for being together with friends and family and delving deep in the real essence of what the holiday spirit is all about. There can be nothing better that enjoying the winter winds with various sporting activities and holiday activities. Most of these winter activities are extremely amazing and will have everyone taken by sheer pleasure.

If you have packed your bags up for Lapland in Sweden, you will be in for a beautiful time. The northern lights that are a famous phenomenon there will have you absolutely stunned. Viewing this beautiful wonder in the sky and enjoying sleigh rides will be absolutely unforgettable. Snowshoeing, dog sledging and skiing are other great ways to experience this winter dreamland.
Finland is another fabulous destination for experiencing the beauty and the lovely purity of the winter season.


is the birthplace of some of the best forests in the world. Lined with trees belonging to the coniferous and deciduous types such as spruce and fir, Finland will amaze the nature junkies to the highest level possible. You can go out forest touring and taking in a slice of life in the forest. The flora is bound to have you awe-struck.

There is nothing better than being driven in a dog sledge by huskies. Winter is the best season to experience the fun and adrenaline rush of a speedy dog sledge. You can also go for an interesting session of ice-fishing. The possibilities are endless. The beauty of Slovenian holidays lies in the amazing array of holiday options that they provide. The Julian Alps are extremely important in terms of tours and sporting activities. You can go skiing through the country borders and enjoy the experience. Snowshoeing is also extremely important and cannot be missed.

If you are at all visiting a winter dreamland then it is but necessary to experience a slice of their lives. You must feel the goose bumps as you live inside an igloo. The beds and other necessities being sculpted of solid ice, it will truly be the time of your life. Winter Holiday activity remains incomplete if not enjoyed with the family. You can enjoy a session of ice climbing with your family here as well.

Winter Holidays

The snow has finally started falling this week. Get your winter holidays in a place you’ve dreamt. Have you ever thought about the way to become a really good snowboarder? All what you need is to book a snowboarder course and start to.

Have you ever imagine that you can race around frozen lakes on kicksleds, now it can be turned into reality because anyone who wish can enter the world finals of a Norwegian race.

Every time when I begin to plan a winter adventure holiday the first thing to come to my mind is a skiing holiday of course.

It’s a great time to find a pretty good ski if you haven’t bought it yet and there is a wide oportunity to choose a travel destination to get perfect skiing there.

If you want to spend amazing Christmas in France the best skiing is in Les Arcs, Megeve, Courchevel, La Plagne, Val d’Isere, Meribel, Chamonix, Les Deux Alpes, or Val Thorens. Just book the right ski apartment, catered chalet, or hotel, for the perfect skiing holiday to you and your family.

Christmas and 2011 New Year vacations

The fact is winter Holidays are the most loved by both kids and their parents. There is certain charm in winter when you celebtrate Christmas at your home in warm and cozyness and sparkling lights of Christmas Tree surounded your loved people. This is an amazing time to bond and have fun together.

But if you love to travel winter is also perfect time for that. Winter is a wonderful time for a family vacation, whether you’re seeking snow or sun. You can choose and book your holiday now will ensure that you get the date, destination and resort that you want!