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10 places to visit in Bali

Bali is a wonderful place, and makes for an even greater place to go visit on holiday. There are many Bali holiday packages which you can look into, but which are the best places to go? There are a number of beaches to visit, but to help you know the best Bali holiday packages to choose from, you need to have some factual information about Bali.

As mentioned, beaches are something of a specialty in Bali, and Pantai Tanjung Benoa is no different. Encapsulating some of the finer beauty within Bali, its white sands are truly something to behold and experience for yourself.

Secondly we have Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park, a place which really highlights some of the natural beauty of Bali, while giving you a glimpse into its culture as a whole.


is the next place on the list, a holy temple that once again gives you a great insight into the overall culture and ways within Bali, something that should not be missed.

Alas Kedaton

a jungle with a temple at its center, is another great place to go and look for interesting places to see. It really is a great tourist location, giving a number of different and interesting things to experience.

Tanah Lot

is fifth, again with a temple but also beautiful views of the ocean, allowing you to form fond memories of the aesthetic beauty of the land, while giving a sense of peace and enjoyment to your holiday – something you must experience.


is another cultural place to go. These areas are great because they are off the beaten track, and as far away from commercial as you can get. As a village that serves to show the culture of Bali, you cannot beat it if you want to understand their culture as a whole.

Number seven there is Celuk, another famous village which again lets you get an inside look into the culture of Bali, letting you see truly ancient traditions which are still around today, making for a great experience for the whole family, as something educational as well.


is another village fairly close to Celuk, with a number of paintings to again let you see the overall art style and traditions of the Bali indigenous people, giving a great feel for the place as a whole rather than branding you as a tourist.


is another village, but one which has its own wooden sculpture making it easily identifiable from others. With the ability to really understand local culture it is a wonderful place to take your children to educate them in different cultures, while allowing you to learn a great many things as well about the area.

Ubud is a village with a difference, as it is fairly international. This is a huge difference from the other villages, as there are many restaurants, hotels and other tourist attractions for those who want to get back to normality. Overall these make great locations to visit, as they really have something for everyone.