Mohawk travel plan

Mohawk Native American Indian Tribe is probably one of the most known American tribes especially because of their famous hairstyle. They were a part of the Iroquois Nation resided along the areas landing from the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York to Southern Quebec and Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

As Mohawk people lived alongside rivers they were very good warriors, boaters and fish men as well as they were perfect hunters as they needed fur to keep them warm because of harsh climate of the aria they lived in. The Mohawk are people of the Northeast Woodland Native American cultural group. They called themselves the ‘Kanienkahagen’ and spoke in the Iroquoian language.

Also, Mohawk Native American Indian Tribe used sleds and dogs as the one of types of transportation like Alaska’s people use it to this day.

However today if you are going to travel along arias where lived Mohawk to explore the Mohawk Nation you can choose any transport you want and pick up any travel plan you love to visit these beautiful places.

There are many exciting locations to visit that just can’t be missed in order to experience not only of Mohawk culture but “mosaic of cultures” of course, as a result of a heritage of diverse cultures as well as modern cultural trends.

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However the offer is real great – fine accommodations, great restaurants and night clubs, festivals and parades, lakes and beaches, spas and golf courses, interesting tours and other attractions by your choice.

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