NZ vacation

If I ever have a chance to go on a vacation without thinking about how much money I need to save for it beforehand, or how far it should be I would definitely go to New Zealand. For a person living in Europe a trip to New Zealand requires a lot of planning, both in terms of budget and in terms of time because it will require two or three long-haul flights in one direction and then back. However, all your investments will definitely pay off.

And you may naturally ask why? Firstly, because it is one of the countries that always ranks among the best countries for traveling and living due to its highest standards of living, outstanding ecological situation and incomparable assortment of traveling and leisure opportunities.

Among all these reasons I can also name my own, personal suggestion that makes this beautiful country so attractive. When I was a schoolgirl a friend of mine went for a year to New Zealand as an exchange student. When she came back she brought a lot of nice photographs and booklets and told us a lot about New Zealand, its wonderful nature and amazing people. For a kid living in the North New Zealand was like a faraway and unattainable paradise.

So what does New Zealand have to offer to you in spring, and especially in October? Sounds a bit funny, but remember in New Zealand spring lasts from September to November, so October is exactly the mid-spring in this beautiful country. Spring is justly called the time of waterfalls and blossom in New Zealand. Falls are mighty and plentiful, while gardens and valleys are blooming.

Walking and hiking are not, however, the only options for you to spend your time in New Zealand in October. Some ski resorts are still open, so you can definitely go skiing or snowboarding. Or you may want to opt for some water activities like a boat tour or rafting. Otherwise, you may buy a tour to watch whales swimming freely in the vast and deep waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In the evening, or later at night, you may go to a restaurant to taste the local cuisine and wine from the famous New Zealand vineyards. If you love to play you may go and try your luck in one of casinos, or just stay at your hotel and choose one of online-casinos such , to play on your desktop, mobile phones or tablet devices to enjoy the thrill of real money games.

Entertainment is anything that gives you enjoyment.

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