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Where to go in February?

Winter is wonderful time of the year. It’s time of nailing holidays and vacations, the time of good food, warmth and talks beside the fire. It’s time of lovers and friends. However, we believe in summer days that will come finally, be that as it may.

“Keep your faith in beautiful things;
in the sun when it is hidden,
in the Spring when it is gone.”

Nevertheless, if you are one of those who do looking for sun in February you can find so many places in the world with a good weather, shiny sky, warm sea offering the best deals to travel to.
So February is a month you can leave your cold country, harsh weather with short days and rare sunlight in search of the sun.

There are some European destinations where the weather is fine and warm that lets you to spend your vacation with a big pleasure. It may choose Italy, Austria, Andorra, Spain or Switzerland where average temperatures are much milder than in the inner European lands.

But if I want a really warm tropical escape Asia and Africa are more preferable for that. Such destinations as Burma, Northern India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Laos or the Philippines are great idea to enjoy with real summer in winter. Also February is a peak season in the Caribbean, and the middle of summer in South Africa.

In case you do prefer real winter vacation and ski activities Canadian resorts is best choice. Even if you don’t like ice climbing, ice-skating and different kind of snow tours, they offer a wide gamut of entertainment you get pleasure from spending your vacation in Canada this winter. February is great time for food lovers and popular gourmet events.

There is a wonderful time for good food, vibrant night life, live music, dancing clubs and gig venues for your winter getaway.
Don’t let the weather deter you from spending you vacation as you want getting every life’s pleasurable moments as it is Live your life and enjoy with experiences.

Galapagos Islands in January

If you plan to travel to Galapagos Islands during the closest month it’s truly great idea because a winter is the most splendid season to spend there a wonderful vacation. The weather is so warm and fine. The air temperature is 30/22C, 86/72F.
Hours of clear skies: 5.3
Average Rainfall: 2.5cm, 1.0in (in the highlands)
Average Water Temperature: 24.5C / 76F

Wildlife Activity
Red-footed boobies and masked boobies breeding and nesting (year-round)
Sea turtles nesting
Marine Iguanas and Land Iguanas mating
Magnificent and Great Frigate birds nesting (year-round on North Seymour Only)
Tortoises laying eggs (in the wild)
Flightless Cormorants, Penguins and Greater Flamingoes breeding and nesting (year-round, depending on food supply)

Did you know that observing of The Galapagos had impacted on the formations of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection and the theory of evolution by natural selection because these islands beeing borne from volcanoes among the sea their plant and animal species had been isolated and evolve independently on different islands.