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Winter holidays in New Zealand

Planning winter holiday to New Zealand? No doubt it’s great idea especially if you prefer a ‘hot Christmas’. December, January and February are summer’s months in New Zealand indeed bringing typically high temperatures and sunshine. So the weather is perfect at this time of year, days are sunny and long, nights are mild. And this is the main reason why New Zealand is such attractive for all those who plan travelling during winter.

Sure there are some warm places in Europe which could be very beguiling to heat-loving people. I mean such popular ones as Canary Islands, Madeira, Crete Cyprus or Malta. But what might be better to spend winter holiday among real summer’s scorching glow in such beautiful and wild country as New Zealand exploring beautiful islands on a self-drive holiday package, discovering scenic wonders and spectacular regions and visiting Zealand’s iconic cities. New Zealand’s 29 regions stretch more than 1,600 kilometers across two main islands.

Well, as usually we’re interested in where to go and what to do. There are number of ‘must be visited’ places in NZ but your travel’s destination depends on your preferences of course. For instance the Bay of Islands is one of the best places for all those who love fishing, sailing, or any other watersports. It’s placed about three hours by car from Auckland.

If you want to see the destination called by Rudyard Kipling as the “eighth wonder of the world,” you have to visit Milford Sound just to make sure that’s right and understand why it is worth to be flying 25 hours for.

If you’re a big fan of The Lord of the Rings films you can place yourself in some well known scenes of the film because over 150 spectacular locations of NZ were used in producing this famous Oscar winning movie. So you can take The Lord of the Rings location tours to enjoy with your favorites.

If you love horsing it’s worth to visit Kaitaia (North Island) to enjoy with horse trekking as well as golfing, hiking and quad biking there.

Auckland is the largest New Zealand’s city and main transport hub. This modern vibrant city offers a lot of things and attraction you can enjoy with. Indeed there’s something for every taste, from different kind of cultural events to shopping, dining, clubbing. Besides if you love the thrill of taking a gamble you can choose Auckland’s SkyCity, Casino in Hamilton and Queenstown, or to try your luck with the dice or test your skill at cards.

So, certainly you can be very enjoyed with your holiday’s trip to NZ immensely.

Warm Christmas Holidays

Looking to book a trip somewhere you check how the weather will be there of course. But not only. Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, now is the period accompanied by many other danger things. However I don’t want to talk about about political and military turbulences aroubd the world.

Well, Christmas is very close to us and some of us probably think how to spend truly fantastic Holidays with a good company of friends nearby warm sea. So, where is the weather is warm enough now to spend beach holidays in November or December?

So, if you’re keen to escape you can choose the Canary Islands may to get just a great holiday choice for winter sun. The weather is expected fine and the temperatures during this month are still warm enough for all outdoor activities and it is not uncommon to see sunbathers at this time. Besides a various of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs do not shut down during the winter because there is still an influx of tourists who want to experience the eternal sunshine that the island provides.

Also Madeira Islands, Portugal is perfect destination you can visit to enjoy with comfortable weather where high temperatures can reach 21°C and above during the hottest parts of the day in November, and even the nights are still warm with temperatures hardly ever dipping below 17°C.

Cape Verde Islands is good idea as well. November is a quiet and romantic month in Cape Verde. Average daytime temperature can rise up to 27 degrees and during night, it can drop down to 22 degrees Celsius. This minimal fluctuation means that there are no climatic surprises during November.

If you prefer hot weather but not tropically one South Africa is for you. Cape Town is warm and dry during months from November to March.