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Chukotka is real!

Chukotka is one of the most distant and most remote regions of Russia and that’s fact without any exaggeration. Start to discover this mysterious land where cold season last through 10 months of a year with an adventure journey around the one.

The blessed land of Chukotka is the furthest part of Russia on the north-easternmost part of Eurasia spreading along the easternmost point of the Eurasian, Pacific and Arctic oceans, and Wrangel Island – a unique corner of Arctic biodiversity. It’s capital is Anadyr which is 6400 kilometers from Moscow.

Traditionally Chukotka is the home of the native Chukchi people, Siberian Yupiks, Koryaks, Chuvans, Evens/Lamuts, Yukaghirs, and Russian Old Settlers.