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Christmas fairs in Europe

Americans prepare for the lush turkey feast of Thanksgiving, but Europeans don’t celebrate this day – they have already started preparing for Christmas. In several countries of the old continent Christmas fairs are organized starting late November, and they last until Christmas Eve, or even beyond. If you happen to be in Europe, you’ll want to visit one of them, and be filled with the tradition and the Christmas spirit they emanate.

1. Nativity and caga tió in Barcelona
This traditional Christmas fair in the capital of Catalonia was first held over two centuries ago. The nativity scene is one of the oldest Christmas traditions of the area, so a great variety of Nativity scenes – their vast majority hand crafted – can be found at the over 300 stalls that occupy Pla de la Seu and Avda de la Catedral starting late November. Another popular figure that makes its entrance at this time of the year is caga tió (officially translated as Father Christmas, but with the literal meaning of “shitting log”). The most beautiful nativity scene is selected and rewarded each year. Musical parades and exhibitions are also organized.

2. Plaisirs d’hiver in Brussels
Christmas in Brussels – the capital city of the European Union – organizes a Christmas market that gets bigger and bigger every year. It extends to a length of over a mile, with hundreds of little, wooden stalls, filled with artistic, hand crafter Christmas decorations and traditional foods and drinks of the area. Skating, slopes and lots of Christmas festivities await the visitors of the Winter Wonderland in Brussels.
The fair starts on the 30th of November, and lasts until January 6th.

3. The Budapest Christmas Fair
This fair, starting at the middle of November in the old center of Hungary’s capital, is smaller than those above, but not without tradition and attraction. There are hundreds of vendors offering their products at the over 150 stalls of the fair, all of them being guaranteed traditional and hand made products – there is a special jury that safeguards this aspect. All this, along with Hungarian folk music and traditional foodstuffs and drinks, make this Christmas fair unique. The fair, organized each year at the Vörösmarty Sqaure, starts on October 18th and lasts until December 30th.

4. The “12 days of Christmas” in Dublin

This is a relatively recent festival, but filled with tradition and joy nonetheless. Hand crafted jewelry, wooden toys, artisans, carousel, carols in the setting of the recently regenerated Dublin Docklands make this festival unique – at just one step from the everyday world. The fair starts on the 7th of December, and lasts until December 23rd.

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