Barcelona, one of the places most visited this summer

According to the European Agency of Tourism, Barcelona is going to be one of the European capitals most visited this summer 2013. It’s a perfect city where spending one or two weeks. It has a little bit of all: culture, sports, sun, beach… In fact, the tourists that visit this city along the year are counted by millions.

Over all, the tourists that come from eastern countries, like Japan, are the majority of the foreigner tourists that decide to visit this wonderful city. Barcelona has a lot of places to visit. If you don’t know them, we show us here some of them:

The Holy Family (La Sagrada Familia)

Probably, this is the most famous monument in the city. The Holy Family is the name of the Barcelona’s cathedral. It’s not finished yet, but it’s possible to enjoy already of this towering and awesome structure. It has a modernist style, and its colour combination is just fascinating. It’s believed that this cathedral will be completely finished on 2023. So, we have to wait to see its whole beauty.

Camp Nou

If you are a football lover, for sure that you know the Football Club Barcelona’s stadium. Its name is Camp Nou, in catalan language, what it means something like “New Stadium” or “New Pitch”. It takes this name due to it isn’t the original stadium, which was in another place of the city. Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe, with capacity for almost 100.000 people. Seeing a football match there is a wonderful experience.

Güel Park (Parque Güel)

This park is a creation of Antoni Gaudi, one of the most important architects in Spain. He died last century, but his work is still so alive, mostly in Barcelona. He is the responsible of the Holy Family and the Milá House, for example, among other more important buildings. The Güel Park is an original park in the middle of the city, created in the same style of the other creations of Gaudi; it means, colour and original shapes. It’s a perfect place for couples and for spending a day with your family.

This is a short summary of some things that you can see in this amazing Mediterranean city. But, likely what you are going to love most is the environment around the city: a lot of young people, art and culture are present in each square, street, pub or restaurant. We advise you insert in any search engine words like Apartments Barcelona and compare every chance that you have to travel to this spectacular city.

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