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Few days trip idea. Riga

Riga is great idea for Weekend getaway to spend a few days enjoying with Old Town idyllic style which is small but very beautiful and cozy. If you love architecture and walking, Riga is for you. But not only. Riga is the Latvian capital and the largest city in the Baltics. The city is full of small squares and parks.There are lots of museums, many shops, restaurants and pubs there. So, you can spend unforgettable time with your family or friends there in the atmosphere of middle age romanticism. Riga is a great place for holidays, think especially out of season, if you go with family. Book the hotel online.

No doubt, this lovely city must be explored on foot, even in the cold season. The sheer number of fascinating buildings with eye-catching facades and architecture, many of which are beautifully renovated is mind-boggling. Don’t pass a number of small museums, plenty of cafes and restaurants, bars and pubs, shopping and delicious food.

Where to eat

There are many places there – from cheap and excellent at Lido, where you pick and choose what you eat from the chef’s kitchen (sort of) and pay per item, to Lijvonia, which is moderately priced and even better than excellent and one of the best places to eat in Latvia, Riga is literally choc full of good food, and its famous, in a muted, not very famous way, for its fantastic chocolate and infamous Black Balsam.

Things to do

The best is just walk, enjoying with the music of old architecture and streets of this small, beautiful old town. Riga’s Old Town is one of the best places to wander around aimlessly in the whole region and easy to go around. Clean and safe feeling.