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Where to go January-Ferbruary

I love summer, I love hot! How to outlive this endless winter? There are many ways, you’re right. And a splendid trip to ome of sunny beaches is the best solution now. Happy vacation depends on weather very much. Weather can turn your travel into the paradise or ruin it to the hopeless situation. The weather is an important factor everyone should take it into account, that’s it.

So, where to go during January-Ferbruary to get basking in the sun, but not being out in the rain? Of course, there are many destinations you can choose to get sunny days, warm breezes and sweet sea there. For instance you can take the Canaries, where is lovely weather right now, it’s quite nice for walking around in t-shirts, but not too hot as in summer.

You can choose any Caribbean or South America place which are the most suted for visiting during from the end of January, through February and April, the weather and water are warm there, and seas calm.

However if you bother having this endless winter you have do break out of it, to get warm days even if through three-day weekend spending them in more favourable area.