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Selecting Tents for a Trip

If backpacking or camping is in your vacation plans this year, you will need a tent to protect you from the elements. There are many styles of tents available. Here are a few worthy of consideration.

Pyramid Tents

Pyramid tents are conical in shape. Many people call these tents a teepee. They offer a very basic design with easy setup. They are constructed of a single layer of waterproof fabric and have a single support pole located at the centre. The sides are staked out to hold the tent in place. These simple tents are popular with ultra-light backpackers.

A-Frame Tents

These tents, also called wedge tents or pup tents are the classic design of tents from the 60s. The end frames are each in the shape of an A and connected with a single ridgepole. Due to the sloping sides, interior headroom is restricted. Sides tend to sag when wet or in the wind so the A-frame tents have lost popularity. The modified A-frame provides a curved centre pole along the ridge, giving extra stability and more headroom.

Dome Tents

Dome tents are some of the most popular of all for many kinds of camping. They are moderate in price and generally well built. They are easily set up and taken down. Dome tents are excellent at keeping occupants dry in rain. The rain fly allows for excellent ventilation. The modified dome tent has a square floor and additional cross poles for support. The modified-dome design is popular for four-season tents. Dome tents are often heavier than other styles.

Hoop Tents

Hoop tents form a tunnel using side-to-side arched poles. They usually use two to three sets of hoops. A centre pole is sometimes used to prevent walls from sagging. These tents are lightweight and easy to pitch. Hoop tents are popular with bike campers, hikers and backpackers as they are compact and easy to set up. They are not good in high winds. Hoop tents will collapse with the weight of snow, unless equipped for such harsh condition with extra supports.

Cabin Tents

Cabin tents are an excellent choice for family camping. While these tents fell out of favour with the introduction of the dome tent, new materials and attached poles make them easier to set up and lighter in weight than the older canvas versions. They offer excellent headroom with straight sides. Windows and awnings are common in these tents. Having read this article, you will now have a better understanding of what tents are on the market.

When a camping or backpacking trip is in your future, tents can help to protect you from the elements. Your method of arriving at a campsite may have a lot to do with the tent you select. Backpackers often want ultra-lightweight tents for ease of transportation. Car campers often prefer something that will provide space for the family.