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Wellcome to Argentina

Argentina is a wonderful country that may boast a number of natural wonders. Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier are renowned the world over, while the Andes mountains are majestic. In addition, the highlights of Patagonia’s wildlife include penguins, whales, and guanacos. Choosing the best time for visiting Argentine take into accaunt that usually the season when jacarandas are in bloom and temperatures are blissfully cool, is spring -March through May, but autumn, September through November period is also pleasant. The best skiing season in Argentina is in June and July, when slopes in America and Europe are closed.

It’s worth to visit Mendoza’s National Wine Harvest Festival where you can take part in parades, folkloric events and a royal coronation – all in honor of Mendoza’s intoxicating beverage. The festival takes place in Mendoza city, the capital of Argentina’s wine country.