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Italy train

As to me hiking is greatest type of traveling but the fact is sometimes you just can’t manage without transportation, especially if you plan to visit another country you are to find not only an information for hiking, the trails and to figure out the good areas for hiking but to learn different kind of transports you have to choose as the best way to get the destination you want to.

Here is some useful links you have to visit in case you plan a trip to Italy.
First of all – should you take the train or drive?
I think the train is the best way ащк both to get some rest and to watch the country through the train’s window. Besides that there are some opinions when it makes sense to make a hop on a train:

If you are traveling from point to point in one fell swoop. For instance, you’ve spent three days in Rome and now you’re heading off for three days in Venice

If you are transferring from one country to another. In this case, choose a daytime train to see the view, or a nighttime train to save valuable vacation time as well as hotel costs

If you’ll be there during off-season (in Italy, that means November 1-December 20 and January 8-Easter), and you have a lot of time and no fixed “wish list” of things to do. In this case, there is nothing more fun than hopping on a train and getting off wherever the mood takes you. For you lucky explorers, a train pass is the way to go.

If, on the other hand, you want to explore the countryside, visit those famous hill towns and castles, enjoy a wine tasting or a country feast, then a car is the only way to go. Are you able to drive at home? Then, worry no longer, you will be able to drive in Italy too!

Trenitalia (Ferrovie dello Stato) – See advice on using
Leonardo Express Fiumicino Airport Train is a direct non stop train called the Leonardo Express from Termini to Rome’s Fiumicino Airport – the one used by the vast majority of flights into Rome.

Trains in Rome have their main central hub at Termini Station, the major transport interchange for Rome, though note, some long distance trains will not stop here but one of the stations on the periphery of Rome from where you can connect to other trains to Termini or the Rome Metro.

If you want you can travel from from Rome, Florence or Bologna to Turin or Milan by high-speed train. For example, leave Rome Stazione Termini at 17:33, Florence SMN at 19:13 or Bologna Centrale at 19:53 by Eurostar Italia Frecciarossa, arriving Turin Porta Nuova at 22:05, but by all means book an earlier train if you like. You can check train times to Turin or Milan from any Italian city using Then you can spend the night or more in a hotel in Turin or Milan.