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Barcelona 2010

You probably are still planning and planning where to go but I do such things fast! You will hardly believe but just few days ago I decided to visit the place I’ve dreamt about long time trough and now – I rush! So, Sunday morning, yes, just next Sunday morning I’ll get there – one of the nicest cities in the world, Barcelona!

Gaudy in Vienna

If you like Gaudy’s creation you can find some Gaudy’s building in Vienna as well.
You can take one of he tram’s routes that takes you to Gaudy’s fairy houses.
Stop named “Hundertwasser House”.

When I tried to get good photo I understood how much it’s difficult to get good picture of Gaudy’s houses with simple camera.

Fun rafting at Bled Lake in Slovenia

There are many offers at Bled lake for rafting. We choosed service offering by that placed exactly near our appartments at Bled lake and we got very good service from this company.
By the way, it’s not too expansive there – the price is only 28 Euro for a person .

We were picked up by comfortable cart with air conditioner right next to the office of Fun Rafting (it’s at central bus station in Bled), which took us to the start point of our route. All instructors know English. We got saving vests and started our trip of 9.5 km on Dolinka river. It was unforgettable and real fun for all of us.