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Rain Vacation in Edinburgh

Yes, I’ve started to plan my next vacation. What do I want the most? I want to go somewhere to interesting raining places, with a beautiful nature and civilized towns where I would rest and enjoy by myself. I remember my tour to Edinburgh 2 years ago where I got all what I love. If you like rainy weather like I do Edinburgh is a splendid place to spend your summer vacation. There are many historical and interesting points to visit there. And one of them is Edinburgh castle, of course. By the way, Edinburgh Castle is visited annually by approximately one million people – that is more than other ancient monument in the United Kingdom.

It looks especial darkly in rainy day. But rain is not something that can stop us, tourists;-) Edinburgh Castle is simply magnificent. It occupies the summit of an ancient plug of volcanic rock towering 260ft or 80m above the city it dominates, and is visible for tens and pop up tents of miles in every direction.

No fairytale castle, this is the real thing, an uncompromisingly defensive structure that seems to grow organically out of the living rock beneath it. Over the centuries Edinburgh Castle has been continuously adapted to meet the military needs of the day. And over the centuries its strength has been tested on no fewer than thirteen occasions, successfully or unsuccessfully, by siege or by stealth.

Vacation in London

If you plan to visit London with your kids you can consider to buy one combained tikcet for 3 atractive places in London
– Madame Tussauds Museum where collected wax sculptures of many famouse persons
– London Dungeon – the museum of simulated horror events from history where actors recreating such events as the Sweeney Todd, Great fire of London, the Plague and Jack the ripper

– London Eye offers visitors spectacular views of London from 135m high in a giant moving wheel.