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Travel with your bike

During my summer vacation in Austria I could see as family all together travel using bikes. As to me, I’m a big lover of bike riding but haven’t been far than my city streets. Bike travel is great idea especially as it has a lot of benefits including its much less expensive and much more mobile then you don’t depend on traffic jams and parking places at all.

This is special baby carriages attached to the parents bicycle looks safely and comfortable for the kids sitting in and allow them to see all interested thing on the way.

Do you know that there are travel around the world by bicycle? You can join them.

Cheap Ski Vacation

Winter time is a great time to do ski vacation
But it’s quite expensive kind of sport – hotel, enter to ski site, ski equipment, ski lessons in the case you are new in that

Find relevant cheap ski sites in East Europe such as Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania etc
You can benefit from good service and magnificent nature too

Spain tour

Spain is different from other European countries. First of all, the population is rather homogeneous. You could meet not many Eastern immigrants. There are many religious catholic people. If you turn in into cathedral, even on a weekday, you can meet some quantity of people, neatly dressed, most of them middle-aged women. Though I was in Spain on warm days, very rarely I could meet girls in mini or in shorts, even in overcrowded main street of Barselona. I think, the rules of dressing are more strict there, than in other European countries.

In Madrid our guide told us, that with the acceptation of Euro everything became much more expensive, and a flat of 30 square meters cost 180,000 Euro, so a middle-class family couldn’t improve its conditions of living.

Budget London

Hostel 63
63 Princes Square, London (Bayswater)
£11/night – room for 4 persone with bathroom / toilet & refrigerator
kitchen – dishes, toaster, teakettle, stove

St Christopher’s The Orient Espresso
59/61 Borough High Street, London (Southwark)
£9.5/night – room 8 persone
Registration is in another building of the same hostels net – 5-7 minutes walking

How to go from Heathrow airport to Paddington station – the train is one time per hour, duration – 30 min

For trips to Luton, Stansted, Gatwisk check Easy Bus ( – pre-order on the site will be much more cheaper

Prie for one undeground train ticket – £4
Day Travelcard off-peak (no pear hours) – £5.30

London Underground site –

Cheap Hotels in Europe – Januar

I’ve just found this site with cheap hotel rates from £ 20.00/night to £ 39.00/night in Januar

Please have a look

Bank House Hotel Golf and Country Club – Worcester
£ 20.00/night

Still Waters – Coventry
£ 28.00/night

Quality Hotel Coventry – Coventry
£ 28.00/night

Nitenite – Nitenite
£ 34.95/night

Kirkby House – Kirkby Mallory
£ 35.00/night

The Cedars Hotel and Restaurant – Loughborough
£ 35.00/night

The Birmingham Hotel – Birmingham
£ 35.10/night

Days Inn Hotel Corley Nec M6 – Corley Coventry
£ 39.00/night

More info you can find here

Airport photos

Several days ago I’ve waiting for my friend in our airport and took some pictures there. There is always nice feeling of new impressions in airport.
It’s something that you still don’t know but you want to know.

People from all corners of our great world are coming and leaving, here you can see how are meeting lovers, friends, relatives that waited this minute long time.

Also beauty shops with feeling of abroad.